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You probs hate me, when you see this, cause I  take over your blog, but I miss you so much. 

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You probably won’t like the fact that I’m hacking u again, but I miss you and if you see this, message me. 


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If Kylie sees this, can she please go and check her drafts, thank you. 


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Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Babe.

Well, you’re 17th years old now. Such an old Lady and  can you believe that I meet you shortly after your sweet sixteen? This means we have known each other for more than a year. During htat time, you have been such an amazing Friend to me and like it’s funny, because we don’t talk for month at times and we’re still one and the same when you come back. I really hope that you had an amazing birthday and that you had a lot of presents, even though Sandy was being the normal bitch. Okay, you’re awesome and you’re my little Selena Gomez, because she tottaly reminds me of you. I love you and you’re perfect to be honest, even though you don’t realize it at times. I really hope we’re going to meet someday and that I can hug you, even though we live like 5050 Miles away, but hey, I can go to the States alone, once I’m 17. I just wanted to thank you, that you’re taking me serious and that you’re listening to my stories all over again and that you’ve been such an amazing Friend to me for a year now. I love you. November 18th. 










no words.

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